What’s Going On in Northeast Columbia?

When we take a look at the overall growth that is going on in the Midlands, the results are staggering. We pay attention to the new developments downtown, such as the new student housing complex that is going up on the corner of Harden and Gervais, as well as the Bull Street project. How about the growth that is going on in other parts of the Midlands?

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Northeast Columbia is currently experiencing a particular boom in new developments. There are all kinds of projects in the works such as the new Fresh Market that is planned to open in the Fall of 2016. The Richland 2 School System is focusing on new magnet programs, meant to challenge students and better prepare them for the future.


Neighborhoods in particular are growing as well. Developers are putting emphasis in creating communities instead of just neighborhoods, with large parks, community centers and pools, and sidewalks. One neighborhood in particular, Greenhill Parish, has done a fantastic job at creating a sense of community through the many amenities. Others, such as Woodcreek Farms, are putting a focus on a golf lifestyle community.


All of the growth that Northeast Columbia is experiencing helps to foster the sense of community that is apparent in the area. Keep an eye out for our Northeast Community Guide coming out in the next few weeks!