Marketing Coordinator, Professional Photographer, REALTOR® 

I grew up in Raleigh, NC with my mom. As an only child being raised by a single mother, I was not only extremely close with my mom, but I also learned how to be independent at a very young age.
It was my first job at a golf course where I discovered the value of hard work and perseverance. I worked on the outside operations staff as well as in the restaurant as event staff, where I developed a wide skill-set of being able to do any job or task that needed to be accomplished. Such a skill-set I’ve been able to apply in every job I’ve had moving forward.

I pursued my undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina where I worked full time in addition to my full semester classes. Though it seemed overwhelming at times, I was so inspired when I was able to take the knowledge gained from every single lecture and apply it to my career that day. My interest in real estate began with the intriguing life of an agent, being active, interacting with clients and being able to apply creative strategies. Obtaining my degree while developing my career within a parallel relationship has only deepened my passion for real estate and confirms that I am in the right path.