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  • Not at all. We only get paid when we sell you home and nothing until then. 

  • It depends but we usually do a presentation that includes information on the laws regulating real estate, marketing, pricing and how we are different. We generally plan for 1-1.5 hours. 

  • We will email you a list of documents we will need for you to gather for the appointment.  
    We do not take pictures at our listing appointments like most agents, so do not worry about straightening up just yet.  We will send a professional photographer later to take high quality pictures that show off your home in its best light.

  • It is illegal for real estate agents to discuss commission between companies. Per the state written listing paperwork, all real estate commission is negotiable. 

  • We have a whole presentation to discuss before we tell you that.

  • On the listing paperwork we will agree to an overall commission percentage, then we will discuss how much of the total goes to the buyers’ agent if their buyer buys the house. But most of the time, commission is paid at closing from the sellers proceeds.

  • We tailor every marketing plan based on every home we list. We don’t have a set system for all of our listings because every home is different and has a different potential buyer.

  • At the ART of Real Estate, we feel we can never settle for average. We track our statistics after every closing to see how well we are doing. We have never published them on our website but we have always disclosed them to our sellers because we want our clients know how well we do our job.

  • We are only as good as the satisfaction of our last client. Our reputation lives and dies with our clients. We started out several years ago with just a few clients and ever since, the referrals have rolled in. 82% of our business comes from our past clients or people we know.
    We have expanded our team to make sure our quantity is always matched with quality and most importantly, our clients are always taken care of.

  • We quickly realized several years ago that one single agent can’t efficiently handle all aspects of the real estate transaction and decided to compartmentalize the process.

    You will always have two REALTORS® to contact with regards to pricing, negotiations, marketing etc. We have a listing coordinator to ensure all the paper work, websites, showings, feedback and updates happen regularly.

    Our Client Care Specialist is here to make sure you are always taken care of.

    The Closing Coordinator is in place to take the file once we have a contract and help us ensure all timelines are met, paperwork is completed and to get quotes on repair requests from the buyers.

    It is extremely hard for your Listing agent to follow up with every lead and show every prospective buyer your home. We have buyers agents who respond to lead inquiries in a timely manner and have time to show our listings when the prospective buyers want, helping your home get sold.

  • One thing you will figure out about our team very quickly is we don’t just do everything other real estate agents do. We track our statistics so we can see what does work and what doesn’t.
    For the past several, years less than 2% of buyers nationally found their home through the newspaper or real estate book. However, 90% start to look online and that is where we put the majority of our money. We won’t say we never do print media but the reasons to do so would be few.

  • One of the things we are most proud of is our photography. Knowing that 90% of buyers look online, they are qualifying their need to see the house in person purely from the pictures. Many real estate agents don’t put a lot of energy into photographing their listings but we feel it is one of the most important parts of selling your home and showing your home in it’s best light is crucial.